The Black Ice: Darkstryder 3

Mission Synopsis Black team is sent to capture a humongous fuel train, The Black Ice. They are to escort the civilian boarding team, lead by Major Mer (Ret.), onto the second bridge. Then they are to board and take the main bridge.

What actually happened.

When the team jumps out of hyper space, they are faced with a Victory I star destroyer and its’ Tie Fighter Squadron. They race the tie fighters to the Black Ice, deposit their counterparts and then proceed to their boarding positions.

Once on board they encounter heavy resistance. They fight their way to the base of the bridge (administratively). When they reach the part of the ship preceding the bridge they are pressed into a pitched battle with nowhere to go but forward. Morgan Ordo is near fatally wounded and Harkel valiantly rescues her from certain death. We have a brief pause as we discuss the death and dieing rules (I will post my decisions up this weak).

The characters are then back filled by Red Team and their leader. Soon after the team takes the bridge and leverages themselves into a firefight with the captain and his commandos. They capture the ship only to find that the White Team (Maj. Mers’ team) is under heavy fire and taking severe casualties. The team naturally launches a rescue attempt only to be ambushed by service droids and two Assassin droids in the service tube.

Meanwhile Morrigan moves to the Maintenance hangar and attempts to save the ambushed party. She takes sever damage from an ambush set up by the main engineer. She does however manage to shut down all the droids on board, thus saving her friends and moving herself further along her destiny track.

Ultimately the Team succeeds at its mission and maneuvers the miles long ship back towards Republic space.



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