Planet of the Mists: Darkstryder 2

Out near the edge of the galaxy, untold atrocities affect an unknown species. Can our heroes save them while completing mission objectives….

Planet of the Mists was originally a d6 game.

Adventure background The Team is sent to investigate a Hyperbaride plant on an uncharted planet. Unknown to them, the planet is ready for them.

Adventure Synopsis Immediately following their last mission, the Team is sent to investigate/destroy an imperial production plant. The plant produces Hyperbarides, a major component of Turbolaser construction. The Imperial plant poisons the surrounding planet killing many of its aboriginal population.

Arriving at the designated jump point, they are attacked by space mines when they fail to provide the correct access code. After crash landing on the planet and scavenging a few supplies, they must find the plant and complete their mission.

Shortly after escaping an impending attack, they stumble across a native engaged in mortal combat with a predator. The Team can recruit the locals to help them. They are more than eager to help.

The team infiltrates the compound and destroys the plant. During the attack they find the access codes for the mines and escape in a barge.

What Really Happened The Teams Pilot does a great job of saving the team during the crash landing. Most of the supplies are lost and they must quickly leave or get captured.

When they discover the reptilian species that lives here, the party is divided between helping them solve a tribal dispute, and leaving them in there rear view. At the end of the encounter the Team gives up on the task at hand (befriending the tribe) and dismisses them as being worthless.

When the Team finds the plant, they set up a sniper position using the terrain to their advantage. They quietly dispatch the security droids and security guards in the area. Then they make entry into the plant.

A few lowly civilian Technicians provide some intel and are quietly/not so quietly dispatched. not long after one of the security systems pick them up, they are thrown into a pitched battle. They end up making their way to the second floor and the final encounter.

Waiting for them on the second floor is the near worthless plant director and a mysterious sith apprentice. Darth Valara attacks them when they fail to surrender and go quietly. 2 of the PCs are nearly killed when the team finally gets the upper hand. Valara escapes to plot again.

This time, the team does not blow up the plant. They contact SpecCom and are told to liberate the slaves and wait to be relieved.

Several of the adventure encounters were avoided by the players, no bust on them, and the adventure took a a few undesired turns. The Force user of the group, a young and somewhat wayward Jedi apprentice, kills the director. He earns his first Darkside point.

When they return to SpecCom, half the team is sent to Lianna (administratively) as the players are not present. The other half is sent to capture a fuel train ship, the Black Ice.



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