Mission to Lianna: Darkstryder 4

The team is sent to Lianna, the outlawed empires tie fighter production planet. While jumping into the system they encounter a strange blip on their censors and are placed on hold for landing.

Once planet-side, they make way to their contact in a space bar (I know, bad cliche, but hey it is Star Wars after all) and get set up to sneak into Santhe Sienar to destroy / recover some plans for a fighter scale cloaking device.

Rath Koon is killed during a roof top battle by the Sith Lord Valara and her apprentice Adeo. The team smartly flees from certain death while Reeko abandons his chance at retribution on Galik.

During their harrowing escape, Morrigan heroically steals a security craft and jets off into the city. She quickly discards the ship in mid flight and climatically dives from the crashing transport.

Later they are ambushed at their hotel by the new republic contact and must flee for the star port. They cautiously wait out the customs office and port authority before blasting into space.

Back on board the Far Orbit, Morrigan is placed on general quarters while she has access to the cloaking plans in her head. When the captain commands her to open the plans for review she passes out on the deck. The ship drops from hyperspace and a hidden worm in the stolen plans destroys the Far Orbits astrogation computer. The ship is barley in range of a small planet. There, the team gets some needed R&R while awaiting transportation back to fleet.



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