Assault on Kel' Shebol: Darkstryder 5

The team is part of a full scale assault on Kel’ Shebol. Their mission is to locate a planetary shield generator and shut it down so that ground forces can move into the capital city with support from the ships above.

While heading to the planet in stolen Imperial troop transports they are quickly discovered and shot down. Unfortunately for them, they land on a frozen lake. When the ship explodes it fractures the ice and sends the characters into the frozen water. Several of them nearly die in the catastrophic event. They do however have the presence of mind to grab the rocket launcher in its waterproof cargo box and use it for a flotation device.

Stranded, wounded and cold, the team sets up a survival tent for two while the snipers and scouts set out to recon the area. They are hampered by the blinding snow and do not hear/see the approaching tank and infantry scout team until almost too late. With little time to spare they set up a near ambush while discarding the rocket launcher. They hope to capture the craft for their own use and survival.

During the ambush, the tank picks up the team on thermals and charges forward over a small hill. Here the details get fuzzy but the unfortunate circumstances lead to Morrigan being killed in the Halo-esque tank assault (tank surging forward = squishies). Alas, Morrigan falls to the enemy.

The rest of the team wastes no time and moves on to “Charlie Mike.” They meet up with their pathfinder and a Deffel named Klaal (presumably a local talent picked up for security). they are shown a strange entrance into the command bunker for Moff Sarne. They fight their way past many troops to the top level and then are redirected to pick up Republic assets in the detention level. Sarne unknowingly escapes and the pitched battle inside the shuttle hanger is bypassed.

When they emerge onto the ice field above they radio in the generators physical location and rush to join the assault team headed there to shut it down. This turns out to be a well defended site and the team splits up to command small squads of regulars while maneuvering against the generator. (this particular map is one of my favorites because the players used very good tactics and teamwork here.) Well placed indirect laser barrages help the team move to cover and concealment. Eventually the team takes the generator and the assault on Kel’ Shebol begins in earnest.



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