Assault on Kel' Shebol: Darkstryder 5

The team is part of a full scale assault on Kel’ Shebol. Their mission is to locate a planetary shield generator and shut it down so that ground forces can move into the capital city with support from the ships above.

While heading to the planet in stolen Imperial troop transports they are quickly discovered and shot down. Unfortunately for them, they land on a frozen lake. When the ship explodes it fractures the ice and sends the characters into the frozen water. Several of them nearly die in the catastrophic event. They do however have the presence of mind to grab the rocket launcher in its waterproof cargo box and use it for a flotation device.

Stranded, wounded and cold, the team sets up a survival tent for two while the snipers and scouts set out to recon the area. They are hampered by the blinding snow and do not hear/see the approaching tank and infantry scout team until almost too late. With little time to spare they set up a near ambush while discarding the rocket launcher. They hope to capture the craft for their own use and survival.

During the ambush, the tank picks up the team on thermals and charges forward over a small hill. Here the details get fuzzy but the unfortunate circumstances lead to Morrigan being killed in the Halo-esque tank assault (tank surging forward = squishies). Alas, Morrigan falls to the enemy.

The rest of the team wastes no time and moves on to “Charlie Mike.” They meet up with their pathfinder and a Deffel named Klaal (presumably a local talent picked up for security). they are shown a strange entrance into the command bunker for Moff Sarne. They fight their way past many troops to the top level and then are redirected to pick up Republic assets in the detention level. Sarne unknowingly escapes and the pitched battle inside the shuttle hanger is bypassed.

When they emerge onto the ice field above they radio in the generators physical location and rush to join the assault team headed there to shut it down. This turns out to be a well defended site and the team splits up to command small squads of regulars while maneuvering against the generator. (this particular map is one of my favorites because the players used very good tactics and teamwork here.) Well placed indirect laser barrages help the team move to cover and concealment. Eventually the team takes the generator and the assault on Kel’ Shebol begins in earnest.

Mission to Lianna: Darkstryder 4

The team is sent to Lianna, the outlawed empires tie fighter production planet. While jumping into the system they encounter a strange blip on their censors and are placed on hold for landing.

Once planet-side, they make way to their contact in a space bar (I know, bad cliche, but hey it is Star Wars after all) and get set up to sneak into Santhe Sienar to destroy / recover some plans for a fighter scale cloaking device.

Rath Koon is killed during a roof top battle by the Sith Lord Valara and her apprentice Adeo. The team smartly flees from certain death while Reeko abandons his chance at retribution on Galik.

During their harrowing escape, Morrigan heroically steals a security craft and jets off into the city. She quickly discards the ship in mid flight and climatically dives from the crashing transport.

Later they are ambushed at their hotel by the new republic contact and must flee for the star port. They cautiously wait out the customs office and port authority before blasting into space.

Back on board the Far Orbit, Morrigan is placed on general quarters while she has access to the cloaking plans in her head. When the captain commands her to open the plans for review she passes out on the deck. The ship drops from hyperspace and a hidden worm in the stolen plans destroys the Far Orbits astrogation computer. The ship is barley in range of a small planet. There, the team gets some needed R&R while awaiting transportation back to fleet.

The Black Ice: Darkstryder 3

Mission Synopsis Black team is sent to capture a humongous fuel train, The Black Ice. They are to escort the civilian boarding team, lead by Major Mer (Ret.), onto the second bridge. Then they are to board and take the main bridge.

What actually happened.

When the team jumps out of hyper space, they are faced with a Victory I star destroyer and its’ Tie Fighter Squadron. They race the tie fighters to the Black Ice, deposit their counterparts and then proceed to their boarding positions.

Once on board they encounter heavy resistance. They fight their way to the base of the bridge (administratively). When they reach the part of the ship preceding the bridge they are pressed into a pitched battle with nowhere to go but forward. Morgan Ordo is near fatally wounded and Harkel valiantly rescues her from certain death. We have a brief pause as we discuss the death and dieing rules (I will post my decisions up this weak).

The characters are then back filled by Red Team and their leader. Soon after the team takes the bridge and leverages themselves into a firefight with the captain and his commandos. They capture the ship only to find that the White Team (Maj. Mers’ team) is under heavy fire and taking severe casualties. The team naturally launches a rescue attempt only to be ambushed by service droids and two Assassin droids in the service tube.

Meanwhile Morrigan moves to the Maintenance hangar and attempts to save the ambushed party. She takes sever damage from an ambush set up by the main engineer. She does however manage to shut down all the droids on board, thus saving her friends and moving herself further along her destiny track.

Ultimately the Team succeeds at its mission and maneuvers the miles long ship back towards Republic space.

Planet of the Mists: Darkstryder 2

Out near the edge of the galaxy, untold atrocities affect an unknown species. Can our heroes save them while completing mission objectives….

Planet of the Mists was originally a d6 game.

Adventure background The Team is sent to investigate a Hyperbaride plant on an uncharted planet. Unknown to them, the planet is ready for them.

Adventure Synopsis Immediately following their last mission, the Team is sent to investigate/destroy an imperial production plant. The plant produces Hyperbarides, a major component of Turbolaser construction. The Imperial plant poisons the surrounding planet killing many of its aboriginal population.

Arriving at the designated jump point, they are attacked by space mines when they fail to provide the correct access code. After crash landing on the planet and scavenging a few supplies, they must find the plant and complete their mission.

Shortly after escaping an impending attack, they stumble across a native engaged in mortal combat with a predator. The Team can recruit the locals to help them. They are more than eager to help.

The team infiltrates the compound and destroys the plant. During the attack they find the access codes for the mines and escape in a barge.

What Really Happened The Teams Pilot does a great job of saving the team during the crash landing. Most of the supplies are lost and they must quickly leave or get captured.

When they discover the reptilian species that lives here, the party is divided between helping them solve a tribal dispute, and leaving them in there rear view. At the end of the encounter the Team gives up on the task at hand (befriending the tribe) and dismisses them as being worthless.

When the Team finds the plant, they set up a sniper position using the terrain to their advantage. They quietly dispatch the security droids and security guards in the area. Then they make entry into the plant.

A few lowly civilian Technicians provide some intel and are quietly/not so quietly dispatched. not long after one of the security systems pick them up, they are thrown into a pitched battle. They end up making their way to the second floor and the final encounter.

Waiting for them on the second floor is the near worthless plant director and a mysterious sith apprentice. Darth Valara attacks them when they fail to surrender and go quietly. 2 of the PCs are nearly killed when the team finally gets the upper hand. Valara escapes to plot again.

This time, the team does not blow up the plant. They contact SpecCom and are told to liberate the slaves and wait to be relieved.

Several of the adventure encounters were avoided by the players, no bust on them, and the adventure took a a few undesired turns. The Force user of the group, a young and somewhat wayward Jedi apprentice, kills the director. He earns his first Darkside point.

When they return to SpecCom, half the team is sent to Lianna (administratively) as the players are not present. The other half is sent to capture a fuel train ship, the Black Ice.

Riders of the Void: Darkstryder 1

The heroes are on a recon and infiltration mission when their cover is blown. They narrowly escape from the planet Aris in the Minos cluster while following a lead about a secret meating between two Imperial Moffs.

Aboard the Mon-Cal luxury liner, Kuari Princess, the heroes capture Moff Torpin of the Minos cluster but fail to capture Moff Sarne. As it happens, Torpin is a turn-coat and trades information to the New Republic for clemancy.

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